balblair bar

Balblair Bar

When the New Make of a Distillery tastes like a very warming citrus and honey schnapps, you know that the Whisky is going to be better than good.

With an unreasonable smoothness, in even the young Vintages, it is quite easy to become entranced by the thought of what age might bring.

And age brings warmth, depth and complication.

Balblair Whiskies are all Vintages, meaning they only come from one year, and this brings with it a very distinctive taste.

The honey and citrus go on to play a major part in each bottling, and with the addition of a double maturation in older Vintages with Sherry, bringing out flavours of fruit, chocolate, wood and spice.

The older Bourbon bottlings have a unique sweetness and lightness, with a fruity twist, and a smoothness unparalleled.

I recommend that you start with the youngest so that you can get a feel for the real taste of the Balblair.