You might say that Scapa sits at the end of the World, overlooking rushing waves, and desolate hills, but she is not abandoned. She is breathed into life with passion, and the exceptional hands of the people who have moulded her into living.scapa not casks

Like many distilleries before her, Scapa has had her ups and downs, but she broken through, to be now sailing with breeze, and to offer a great Whisky and wonderful tours.

Tumbling out of the sky, water finds it’s way into the Orquil Springs, and helps to bring the distinctive essence of Scapa’s Dram to life. Weather and location playing an enormous role in how the distillery was built, and how it is run today.  With resilience and careful planning needing to play a large part.

Using traditional methods, and a Lomond Wash Still, the distillery has a feeling of gentle calm. No need to rush, nor to push, just to wait, and let time and great ingredients do their part.

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Uniqueness is one of Scapa’s trademarks, and that continues with the fact that unlike most Island Distilleries, peat plays no part in her taste, instead allowing sweetness and charm to stand up for the flavour.

More than just a occupation for the men, working at Scapa Distillery is seen as a calling, a way of living, a way of devoting yourself to engineering into life the best that Orkney’s nature has to offer.  And without the devotion of the men who are the backbone of the Spirit, it would just be a liquid.  With them it is Whisky.


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