Highland Park stands as the bridge between the distant past and the present.  Drawing on her Viking spirit to influence both the Distillery, and the Whisky.

As Orkney is the crossroads between the Nordic peoples, and the Scottish ones.  So Highland Park, is a crossroad to stop, and take a moment, whether it be visiting the Distillery, or just sampling the peated Whisky that makes time flow around you like a river.

With peat cut only from the Hobbister Moor, her flavour is uniquely her own.  And the Distillery tour retains that uniqueness, that sense of place, whether you are gazing at her Stills, or listening as the Malt is thrown on the floor Maltings.

The Maltings are one of the gems of the tour, and a nod to the true traditions of producing the amber liquid.  And if an ordinary tour isn’t enough for you, then you can be part of that tradition, and work on shift to help make a little Whisky magic happen.

Wether it be the beautifully modern tasting room, or the 100 yr old kiln, every nook and cranny of the Distillery is a testament to time and dedication.  A dedication to the sun, sea, land, sky, and culture of Orkney, and that, makes it truly rare.

Innovation and history working together, bringing forth the legend that is Highland Park.


Highland Park offers many different tours, and it is advised to book in advance.


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