Glen2The first thing you notice about Glenmorangie is Giraffes. Yes, Giraffes.  That is because she has the tallest Stills in Scotland, coming in at 26 ft 3 in, and the Giraffe is used to symbolise their height.  And truly they are beautiful, gleaming in the afternoon sun, beckoning you to go and feel the heat that radiates from them.

The second thing you notice is that the Distillery is owned by Louis Vuitton.  Previously it was owned by the MacDonald family who sold it outright in 2004.  Originally opening in 1843, Glenmorangie has become one of the best known names in Whisky over time.

Because of this the tour and visitors centre are very sleek and beautiful.  First off you start in the shop and from there move into the visitors centre which has a wealth of information about whisky making, the history of the Distillery, and the history of the area.  And from there you are taken to the large mash house and on to the six stills that stand all perfectly lined up, waiting for you to admire their shine.

Along the way you will see pictures of the original 16 men of Tain, and the many staff that have worked over time at the Distillery.  As with most Distilleries, a lot of Glemorangie’s staff have worked there for a long time.

In the Warehouses, Glenmorangie shows its willingness to experiment with the many different types of casks that it is using to find that perfect dram, and in the tasting room you can try them all.  I highly recommend the Nectar D’Or, which has been matured in a sauterne Cask.

glen 3Glenmorangie is one of the busiest Distilleries in Scotland, but for all that, the tour is expert and concise. A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds.

© Gabrielle Balfour 2016