Hidden in the trees behind the town of Muir of Ord, is one of Diageo’s most picturesque Distilleries. That is once you get past the maltings that sit in front of her. For on the site of Glen Ord sits a malting factory that provides not only for Glen Ord, but for other Distilleries as well. Malting over 56,000 tonnes of barley each year,

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Glen Ord has been handed around quite a few times, but this isn’t apparent when you walk through her wide wooden doors.  She has a very settled and homely feel, and you instantly sense you are welcome.  Looking around the shop there are a lot of beautiful tempting bottles calling from the shelves, and the tasting area is no slouch either.  With a view into a warehouse, and comfortable chairs, it is hard to see why anyone would leave.

The tour itself is comprehensive and takes in the large Mash Tun, large Washbacks, polished stills, and Condensers that unusually use water that is heated to 55 degrees to allow for a very slow condensing.  Looking for that unique flavour that every distillery wants to possess.

Glen Ord sits on quite a big site, and the Still house has large glass windows that allow you to peer in at the wonders going on behind.  The glass also allows for the easy removal of the large Stills when the Copper starts to thin.

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Dunnage Warehouses take 12,000 casks, and luck is with Glen Ord, because their Angel’s Share is only 1.5% per year.

Maybe this is because they are very sheltered, or maybe it is just good fortune.

Easily one of the best things about Glen Ord is that if you are there on the right day, you might get to see a Cask being made. They have a designated area for displays, and there is nothing more captivating than watching a wooden vessel being breathed into life.

Glen Ord is a great Distillery with a rich history and a welcoming atmosphere. Go and enjoy all that she has to offer.

© Gabrielle Balfour 2016