A year ago I started working at a Distillery. Little did I know that it would lead to an infatuation.  Please don’t misunderstand, I have always liked a tipple, but the Whisky for me now is nought but a by product of what are for me the more interesting parts of the spirit,  the distilleries and the people who work in them.

Lead partly by where I live, and partly by the fact that they are sometimes overlooked by visitors, I have decided to start with The Highland Distilleries. Please follow me as I visit as many as I can, explain some of the process, and try and impart my love of an industry of that is an integral part of Scotland’s history and folklore.

As a side note, no one can agree on where the Highland Line starts and ends, so I have chosen distilleries that I think are the Highlands of my mind, and reflect no real geographical or historical lines.

And who knows,  maybe sometime in the future I will travel further afield…

Thank you for dropping by.


Coos and Spirit

Coos and Spirit